I’m flattered that I’ve caught your eye. Now that you’re here, allow me to entice you a little further...

I am an independent Ottawa companion, conveniently located in Ottawa's trendy Westboro. As a naturally light-hearted and flirtatious woman, I find it a pure delight to tantalize a kind and well-mannered gentleman. And so, with great care, I’ve created an environment where you and I can take a reprieve from the monotony of everyday responsibilities, and delve into an unparalleled carnal experience.

As a woman with a well-rounded character, I pride myself greatly on my sincerity, professionalism, and of course, my down-to-earth charm. Very frequently, I’m told that I’m exceptionally easy to talk to and to relax with… Of all the flattery a beautiful woman can receive, this is one that truly makes me glow.

Until we meet,
Jackie Gilcrest

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Upon arriving, you’ll find that my space is private, clean, cozy, and discreet. After you’ve freshened up with a shower, I won’t hesitate to start dialing up the tension with a sensual lap dance and striptease… I’m already biting my lip coyly, daydreaming about passionate kisses, multiple positions, mouth-watering uncovered blow jobs, and cunnilingus… 

To conclude our interlude, I always ensure there is plenty of time for you to take a warm, steamy shower, so you can slowly wake from the reverie we shared.




1 hour - $400 

1.5 hours - $500

2 hours - $600

3 hours - $900

4 hours - $1200

6 hours - $1700

7 hours - $2000

8 hours - $2200

12 hours - $2500


1 hour - $450 

1.5 hours - $600

2 hours - 700

3 hours - $900

4 hours - $1200

6 hours - $1700

7 hours - $2000

8 hours - $2200

12 hours - $2500


Cum in Mouth ..................................

Rimming & P-massage & Strap-On ......

Femdom & Humiliation ......................

Foot Fetish & Golden Showers ............

Add $50

Add $40

Add $30

Add $20

* 3h dates include unrushed introductory social time. Refreshments/snacks available.

* 4h+ dates include social time at a restaurant

* 6h+ dates include social time at a restaurant and a fun date activity





COVID: Don't book a session if you...
  • Have any of the following symptoms: Fever and/or coughing, feeling ill

  • You/someone you’ve had contact with, have recovered from covid within the past 30 days.

  • Have been tested the past 14 days

  • Have traveled outside of the country past 14 days

  • Live with someone who’s immune-compromised and/or you plan on visiting a long term care facility

  • Refuse to wear a mask that covers your nose & mouth in my building's common areas

Sexual Health

I expect that we both show up to our date in good sexual health. If you show up with any open sores/bumps, I’ll cut the music and tell you to leave immediately, without refund.


I make it an absolute priority to ensure that each person I meet feels comfortable, safe, and cared for. If you behave aggressively, you’ll be told to leave immediately, without refund.


Please pass your donation to me, already counted in the correct amount, right after I’ve kissed you hello. It’s very un-sexy to make a lady ask or fumble about counting it out. 


For my sanity, I turn my phone off when I’m done for the day. So if we’ve yet to meet and you haven’t heard back from me, I can almost guarantee that I’m not ignoring you! Do reach out to me again whenever you’d like, and we’ll make it happen another day!


For those who would like to give me an extra special thank you, a terb/lyla review would be a fantastic way to do so. It often helps generate new business for providers. I just ask that you not detail anything sexually explicit, and instead rave about my personality, my incall cleanliness, the chemistry we shared, and anything else that made our time extra memorable.


Sometimes the odd person asks what sort of gifts they can bring to treat me to. I really appreciate the gesture! I’m saving up for a home, so I would actually prefer a small tip to put towards that goal! I realize it’s not as sexy as a lingerie gift card, but I prefer practical things. Just to be clear, I never expect a tip! This is only a pointer for those who are asking.






DUO Rate

1.5 Hours : $1000

2 Hours : $1250

To be announced




To be announced



I request a 25% deposit for advanced bookings, preferably via discreet e-transfer, to secure our date. Alternatively, I offer bitcoin or gift card deposits. Same-day bookings do not require a deposit, but you must screen with either Photo ID or Linkedin verification.

Text 437 - 684 - 8531 or email and include the following:

  1. Screening with LinkedIn, Photo ID, and/or References

  2. Date, time, session length
  3. City

  4. Any upgrades

  5. Where you heard about me

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